Final week of full productivity

by saraspatula

Wow. I have only about ten days until I head back to the states, and now, as I head into my last full week here in Haripuram, I can’t believe that my time here is almost over.  Like I’ve posted before, in wrapping up now, my goal is to ensure sustainability, and so this next week is packed with meetings with folks involved in the process.

On Wednesday, I’m presenting the status of the work so far to the BCT community education organizers (CEOs).  After that, Thursday and Friday are going to be spent talking to the youth committees and village elders with the BCT CEOs.

Tomorrow, though, BCT organized a day trip to the tribal regions for me and another American student here to learn about learn about the challenges faced by tribal communities.  It’s a three hour drive from here, so we’re leaving at 5 in the morning.  I’ll have an update on this tomorrow night.

So far, though, I have a busy week ahead of me.  I’m looking forward to the challenges, but I’ll be sad so say goodbye to all the folks I’ve gotten to know.