Little artists drawing for change

by saraspatula

In our lesson in Bhogapuram yesterday, the kids all drew posters for the town talking about washing hands, and how important that is.  I was really proud of them, because they all put a lot of effort into the drawings.  In all, it took about an hour (longer than our discussions usually are).  The idea is that now, after scanning them, I’ll Xerox the posters and next week, we’ll all go around town hanging them up.

Poster drawn by one of the kids I work with

A poster drawn by one of the kids I work with. The caption explains how washing your hands can prevent the spread of germs.

I was very impressed with how quickly the village has started changing.  According to the local school’s headmaster, a lot of the kids bring soap with them to school (there is no soap in the building) to wash their hands before lunch.  A lot of the parents have been telling me that their children are asking them to wash their hands too.  It’s exactly what I wanted to do, and I’m glad that after a few weeks of talking about these issues, we’re starting to see something.

An English

A poster from a child who attends an English-medium school.

Dharma and Krishna are happy about the progress, too.  They say they’ll keep up the initiatives in their weekly Sunday sramadanam events, but for me, it’s great feeling for the first time in my trip, that I really have directly made a change.