Temple Run? Nah, let’s do Temple *Climb*

by saraspatula

When I went to Bhogapuram today, one of my similarly-aged friends, Krishna asked me if I wanted to go for a climb.  I’m usually game for most things they do around here, and so I agreed.

The inner part of the temple.

The inner part of the temple.

Just behind Bhogapuram is a very famous, 12th century temple devoted to the Lord Shiva.  It’s a very unique site because the temple was built over a stream, and very pure water (especially for this part of the country) comes from five ancient fountain jets that are built around the temple.

The symbols on the mountain.

The symbols on the mountain.

The site is called Panchadarla (Sanskrit for the “five streams”).  I’d seen the temple before, but Krishna said we were climbing the small mountain behind it.  Now, one of my favorite iPhone games is Temple Run, but I never figured I’d be doing a temple climb.

bird's eye view

A nice view of the area. You can see Haripuram in the distance, and Bhogapuram is obscured by trees.

The climb was very fun and Krishna kept telling the ridiculous stories behind every little piece of graffiti we found on the way up.  The view from the top was amazing.  I’ve been travelling around this little patch of Visakhapatnam District for over a month now, but seeing it all from that bird’s view was amazing!

symbols up close

The symbols up close