Potentially-fatal transportation level: expert

by saraspatula

Today, I spent all day working on a side project BCT gave me.  We’re making a 5 minute video about their educational initiatives, and so today I went ahead and shot all the video for it.  Next week is going to be fun – I’ll be squeezing video editing time in between working on my main project.

Share auto

It was like this, except I was wearing a backpack…

I had a couple of interesting adventures today, too.  As I’ve gotten even more comfortable with living here, I’ve ventured into realms of transportation that make a rush-hour DC Metro ride feel spacious.  I was lucky enough to be able to get into a share auto.  For those of you who don’t know what an auto (a.k.a. a tuk tuk in Southeast Asia) is, picture a tiny, yellow, three-wheeled, 175 cc engine-powered steel cage whose designer apparently didn’t believe in suspension.  To add the “share” part of the concept, stick nine people in this miniscule vehicle designed for three, and when you can’t fit anymore in, let them hang out the side.  This clown car-like concept terrified me the first time, but after I realized it only cost ₹5 (9¢) to get home instead of ₹30 (54 ¢), I was sold.  It’s actually kind of fun once you get over the fear of hurtling at 40 mph hanging out the side of the window, holding on by a couple of fingers.

family bike

These folks make us look like amateurs.

Three-person motorcycle rides are also pretty common, but I was too timid to give them a shot until today.  Unfortunately, I had not thought about the extra difficulties that might add, and the severe lack of asphalt roads here made for a bumpy ride incompatible with male biology.  Plus, with three guys on it, the poor motorcycle struggled the whole way.

People here definitely get very creative when it comes to transportation – I’m sure not if I can handle their level of expertise.  Next time, I think I’ll take the bus!